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Dear alumni and friends

Welcome to the first Accord of 2011 and I hope you find it an informative and enjoyable update on your Faculty.

It is indeed a very auspicious year for our Faculty in 2011, as it marks our first year as the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – a subtle name change that marries both the old with the new! As many of you will know, one of the key aims of the University’s new strategic vision is to consolidate our teaching and research expertise in the social sciences and that has meant the creation of a new School of Economics in the Faculty. This brings economics into the heart of social sciences and humanities teaching in the University.

I was delighted to host the Dean’s Reception for alumni and friends last Thursday and was genuinely thrilled to see so many of you there. This has rapidly become one of our most important alumni events and it was a pleasure to introduce you to some of our spectacular students and recent graduates. As I mentioned in my remarks, this is an exciting period of change and growth for the Faculty. We are in the midst of a major process of refreshing and renewing our degrees; hiring new academic staff; putting together innovative cross-disciplinary research groups; forming new global partnerships with leading institutions in the Asia Pacific and around the world and providing new pathways for our students from undergraduate study through to masters and PhD programs. But, as always, our fundamental mission remains the same: To conduct teaching and research across the breadth of the humanities and social sciences that makes a difference in the lives of our students, staff and the wider community.

Please do keep in touch. I am always happy to hear from alumni, both when you feel we are getting it right and when we’re getting it wrong! I hope you are also able to attend some of the exciting events we have planned for later in the year.


Professor Duncan Ivison
Dean | Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
The Dean Welcomes Alumni

The Dean's Alumni Reception was held on Thursday 7 April at the Great Hall - a place where all alumni can feel a sense of pride and achievement at graduating within the time -honoured sandstone.

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University of Sydney Faculty of Arts and Social Science Alumni
Our Arts and Social Science Alumni make up a rich and diverse array of leaders and professionals in their chosen fields. From the public sector right through to the corporate world; from Archaeology through to Politics, our alumni cover an incredibly broad range of career paths.
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Sydney Ideas
Sydney Ideas continues to program thought-provoking talks, forums and debates that give you direct access to local and international academic leaders in their fields. Let the experts share their knowledge with you in an informal and accessible program free to all alumni.
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A New Hub of Activity in the Faculty
On 1 March, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences' Teaching and Learning Network launched the Writing Hub, the first Australian unit dedicated to academic and professional writing with a New Rhetorical perspective. 
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James Curran, Senior Lecturer, Department of History and the US Studies Centre:
2010 Fulbright Scholar

Duncan Ivison, Professor of Political Philosophy. Dean, of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences:
Politicians tarnish a tradition of tolerance

John Keane, Professor of Politics:
Democracy in the Age of Google, Facebook and WikiLeaks

Mary Kostakidis, highly regarded Alumna of the Faculty
Cutting Assange loose demeans our nation

Richard Miles, Senior Lecturer, Classics and Ancient History:
Ben Ali's pillaging of Carthage must become a thing of the past

Barry Spur, Professor of Poetry and Poetics:
Elevated chair for a man of poetry

Rodney Smith, Associate Professor, Department of Government and International Relations:
Rural independents to feel the squeeze

Professor Pippa Norris, Department of Government and International Relations:
'Nobel prize' for political science won by Professor Pippa Norris
Tue 19 Apr Sydney Ideas:
How movie stars shaped American politics
  Wed 20 Apr The Blue Future: the robotic exploration of the oceans
  Wed 20 Apr Lecture: Australian excavations at Zagora
  Thu 28 Apr Sydney Ideas: The Spirited Voices of Muslim Women in Islamic Reform Movements
  Fri 1 May Graduate Choir: Romantic meets Klassik
Tue 17 May Sydney Ideas: Continual Experimentation in Modern Chinese Printmaking
Fri 20 May Sydney Ideas: Curating Tate Modern: Nine years, nine exhibitions
Tue 24 May Sydney Ideas: Sydney Humanities Salon. Cities - Carthage, City of Memories

ALUMNA IN FOCUS – Venessa Cowell

Venessa Cowell has made a name for herself in the fashion world. The 27-year-old Arts and Social Sciences alumna, who took philosophy and art history during her time at Sydney, decided in 2006 to follow her passion and start a boutique shoe label, christening it Venessa Cowell Design. Find out more
Arts and Social Sciences Alumni and Friends Association Inaugural AGM
Wednesday 5 May Nominations for the Association’s executive committee are now open.

Postgraduate Program applications are still open for mid-year entry to most postgraduate programs in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science for semester 2.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will soon launch its May appeal, for student scholarships and other important funding priorities. Read more about how gifts from alumni and friends boost the efforts of researchers, teachers and students.

If you have any alumni-related questions or comments, contact our new Alumni Relations Officer Kate Macfarlane.
For further updates about our Faculty and from your individual schools and disciplines:  click here

The Etruscans: A Classical Fantasy

In popular imagination the Etruscans are the very stuff of fantasy, myth and legend. Who are they, where did they come from, what does their language mean? In reality, although wiped out or assimilated by Rome, they have left us an extraordinarily rich heritage of art, jewellery, metal working, terracotta sculpture, urban planning, walls and roads. Indeed, in the 6th century BC, the Etruscans were the most powerful people in the Mediterranean. So what went wrong?

Opens 6 May 2011 and runs until January 2012
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